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Braunton Utilities Community Fund

About us


When Braunton Utilities started out, we wanted to offer a service that could save the community money, make switching utility companies effortless and also reward our customers by putting money back into the local community each month as well.


We achieve all three goals through our customers using our services more and more. The more that we can help you, the more we can put back into the community. It’s our vision that each month our customers can send us their suggested charity or local cause in the community, and then our customers get to vote on where the money goes each month.


So, not only do you get to save money, our community gets to benefit as well.


We’re proud to offer 100% renewable energy within our price comparison engine, and in the majority of cases, they are now ranked as the most cost-effective. We’re sure to clearly lay out which of our providers supply 100% green energy, but also understand that times are tough for members of our community and businesses, so saving money is normally the first priority.


We love to help and give back, so help us to help you not just save money but go green too!