Business Broadband

Broadband connectivity is among the most essential services we offer and is also vital to almost every business these days. We don’t just sell broadband though, we understand the difference between reliable business grade broadband and residential there is a big difference which is why we can provide the right plan for your business.

We supply a variety of connectivity options including the traditional ADSL which serves many small offices well. What’s more, the price of FTTC fibre broadband to the cabinet has lowered so much in the last few years that it has now become our best-selling broadband service.

For businesses who don’t want to buy outright, we can supply leased lines for larger offices or in circumstances whereby large data transfer is crucial to your business. The typical customer for this option of line would be an office with a minimum of 15 employees or large restaurants and bars where who provide free Wi-Fi to customers. Having reliable broadband is paramount in many cafés, bars and restaurants these days with the prevalence of social media.

you can look forward to a free design service for network and guest access Wi-Fi networks as part of our service.

We can install the traditional cable network and we design and install cat cables, network patches and distribution points, but we always advise letting us arrange a visit to do a free check on your network to ensure you’re getting the most from your current network; and if not, why not.

We also supply fibre optic networks which would see your business futureproof for the next few decades; something which is ideal for hotels, holidays lets, large office spaces, etc.

Guest Wi-Fi access offers a host of features which can be utilised by your company. You may want to data capture email addresses (within GDPR guidelines), or give people to option to log in via Facebook and ‘check-in’ to your business online. You might have a business that has several other divisions that you want to cross promote with a landing portal or simply sell time to access your network on a ticket system. Regardless of your goals, we’ll have a solution for you just as soon as we have understood your needs and environment.

Why not give us here at Braunton Utilities a call today on 01271 814 814.