Holiday Lettings


We’re going to highlight a range of reasons why our free energy efficiency report can lower the annual consumption of your holiday let.


We have found that by producing an energy efficiency report on holiday lettings and reviewing the bills, they produce almost twice as much than the standard home. So, simply by making some slight adjustments to your infrastructure, we can help you to reduce what is most likely going to be one of your biggest overheads.


What is Our Energy Efficiency Survey?


Our energy efficiency survey comprises a physical walk-through by a member of our team at your property. We cover off the following areas:


  • Lighting
  • Insulation
  • Heating and hot water
  • Doors and windows
  • Appliances


One of our main focuses here is to not just report back your energy consumption but to also inform you and your company’s management on how to move forward and make more educated decisions.


Lighting – Here, we make a comprehensive report on your lighting that incorporates every light fitting you have and the energy usage throughout your property. As soon as we have this completed, we can offer you some expert advice on the ideal substitute fittings to make savings.


Insulation – When we check your insulation, this easy to perform inspection is where we enter your attic space (if applicable) and measure the depth of the insulation in the building.


Doors and windows – We’ll be inspecting whether your doors and windows double-glazed and if they are fit the frames/shut correctly.


Heating and hot water – Your heating and water have the potential to account for a large element of your energy usage, so, we go through the process of checking how old your system is and what controls are provided over the system.


Our report will give you informative insight into how much money you can look forward to saving over the next five years. Our services allow for you to opt for a finance option, which means that you pay for the lights with the subsequent money that you are saving on your new and improved energy bill.